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The best Home HVAC Heating Solutions

Most Efficient Heating System in New England

Choosing the best home heating system could sometimes be overwhelming, considering the various options available.


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Most Efficient Heating System New England

The best solution for your home should be made in conjunction with an HVAC professional


If you have an old heating system that needs to be replaced, you should consider exploring the variety of exciting heating technologies, which would just be a perfect replacement. Research shows that an obsolete or wrong solution may be one of the most expensive utility bills for an average U.S family.

Gas Furnaces

The gas furnace heating and air conditioning work with a heated forced air system (air handler) by a fan through ducts to distribute heat and conditioned air around the home.

Although some furnaces utilize electricity, and propane to function, most homes in the United States make use of natural gas. By far, gas furnaces are the most popular home solution as it contains a forced air distribution system which can also be utilized by your air conditioner during summer. This heating system has proven to be of high efficiency in most U.S. homes.

Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps make use of electricity and refrigerants to distribute heat rather than making use of fuel oil. As a result of this, heat pumps are more energy-efficient than most types of heating systems.

This solution is built such that heat flow is in a direction opposite to thermal energy. Cold air is absorbed from space and transferred to another space as warm air. Heat pumps are found in various HVAC devices for heating and air conditioning.

Ductless Mini-Splits

As the name implies, this home heating system eliminates the need for numerous air ducts. Ductless mini-splits allows you to create several HVAC zones in different parts of your home with independent thermostats.

This heating system works best for large homes with family members who have varying temperature preferences or houses that are 'non-ducted.' The major advantages of mini-splits are their zoning flexibility (providing various heating and cooling temperatures for individual rooms) and its relatively small size. Some mini-splits can have up to four independent indoor units, all connected to one outdoor unit.

In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems

This is one variant of the radiant heating system.The radiant heating system differs from forced air heating systems in that it heats not just the surrounding air but also objects such as furniture and other materials around.

In most cases, this heating system distributes hot water heated in a boiler or heater. In-floor radiant heating systems make use of plastic water tubing that is placed beneath concrete or wood floors. Although this system takes more time to heat up, its energy efficiency is quite high.


Technology has made it possible for you to choose from various heating systems. However, the presence of numerous optionsoften leads to a daunting challenge of choosing the one best for your house in the northeast. Since knowledge is power, moreknowledge about the types of heating systems viable for your northeast house would help you make a better choice.

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