How to setup threshold settings on a Ecobee

How to setup threshold settings on a Ecobee

Reasons To Switch To Ductless HVAC

Ripping Apart Your Home Is Unnecessary

No one wants to install or replace all the ductwork in their home to be able to update their heating and cooling system. It can take weeks, if not longer, to do and leaves you living in a construction zone. This is also one of the main reasons that the project is so expensive as it takes a lot of labor and materials to rip it apart and put it all back together. Having ducts will most likely limit where you can place vents, possibly even leave rooms without direct air flow. Ductless heating and cooling has changed all of that.There’s no need for ripping out and replacing ducts which leads to a more cost effective solution.

A More Cost And Energy Efficient Option

Ductless HVAC systems enable you to choose where the units will be placed. Once these units are installed, you also have the choice of which ones you have turned on, unlike the regular HVAC systems that is all or nothing. There’s no need to heat or cool the spaces in your home that are not often used, as that leads to wasting money and energy.Ductless systems are more energy efficient just in the way they run, saving you money on electric bills every month, even in seasons with the most extreme temperatures.

Temperature Control And Silence

Do you often find yourself fighting over what temperature the thermostat should be set at with those you live with? It’s impossible to always agree as every individual is accustomed to slightly different temperatures.Having small children in the house can add even more variables to your temperature needs. Ductless heating and cooling units allow you to set each unit to a different temperature, helping to keep everyone in the house happy.Another great feature of these units is how quiet they are as most of the hardworking parts are places outside of your home instead of in the walls. No more annoying buzzing sounds or hearing the air kick on and off.

Going Ductless Is Overall A Great Choice

Whether you are just needing a new HVAC system or are looking to update your current system, really consider going with ductless heating and cooling. Again, it will save you money in multiple areas as well as making a change to be more energy efficient. If you have decided that this is the best option for your home’s heating and cooling system, look into the services that SumZero have to offer. We are Ductless HVAC specialists and will be able to answer any further questions or concerns you might have. Contact us today.