Our Open-Cell Spray Foam

At SumZero Energy Systems, we use an open-cell spray foam insulation from Gaco. Our home energy improvement experts have chosen Gaco open-cell spray foam due to its high quality and versatility. This particular insulation not only contains all the characteristics listed above, but it also goes above and beyond in multiple areas.

When taking a deeper look into Gaco open-cell spray foam insulation, you will find that it is resistant to mold, which provides mold and mildew protection as moisture passes through it. This insulation, thanks to its lower density, also has a flexibility that allows it to shift and move with your house.

When your insulation has the ability to move with the house, it prevents the following issues from occurring:

  • The need for reapplication of insulation over time

  • The possibility of compromises to your home’s air tightness

  • Cracked insulation that causes gaps and inefficiencies

  • Damage to your home’s structural make-up

Call our home energy improvement experts in Milford today with any questions or comments about open-cell spray foam insulation and how we use it to make your home as energy-efficient as possible!

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