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In the midst of a hot summer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than coming into a nice, cold house. It’s those scalding days that are extremely hard on your air conditioning system, which over time leads to the system not functioning efficiently or breaking down completely. 

If your air conditioning system has not been producing cold air as it should or is using too much energy, it’s time to have your A/C inspected and possibly a new system installed. At SumZero, our goal is not only to provide you with cool air, but to do it in the most efficient way possible for your home specifically. Contact us today for all your air cooling needs!

Finding The Most Energy Efficient Option
Each and every house is built slightly different and disperses air throughout it in a different way. Our home energy improvement experts at SumZero have extensive training in testing houses to learn the specific ways that each one functions. This allows us to create a plan to make your cooling system as energy-efficient as possible. 
Unlike your average HVAC company, here at SumZero, we want to ensure that we are giving you the best advice possible when it comes to the type and size of air conditioning system your house needs. We accomplish this by performing science tests and basing our energy solutions off of the results from those tests instead of using the “rule of thumb” method. 

The Importance Of Energy Efficient A/C Systems
As mentioned above, we are focused on finding solutions to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. Air conditioning systems play a major part in that mission. Standard A/C units run at one speed — on or off. These systems not only burn energy like crazy, but they also create hot and cold spots within your home. 

Newer systems have variable speed technology allowing them to run at lower, energy-saving speeds. This technology helps create a more comfortable air temperature all throughout your home as well as reducing the carbon footprint.


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Mitsubishi Electric brings unmatched energy efficiency, performance and control to home cooling and heating.

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