HVAC is actually an acronym for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning”. Ventilation is often overlooked and forgotten, but it is an extremely important aspect of your home and your family’s health. With proper ventilation, you will exhaust unwanted odors and stale air to provide fresh filtered air, balanced air-pressure, and mitigated moisture build-up.

Ventilation is getting its emphasis in the new construction sphere, but it shouldn’t be overlooked in the existing homes. As basic physics suggests—what comes in, has to go out. This saying is translated into our homes mechanisms as well. Unwanted outside air with all of its contaminants is trying to penetrate through cracks on the exterior siding, mechanical vents, windows, and door seals.

More often than not, this is exactly what is happening, so this would be the perfect place to inquire more control. New homes are being built “tighter” with applied spray foam insulation that is an air and vapor retardant and has great insulating capabilities. However, now that the home is tight and stale air doesn’t have the ability to escape, it will accumulate somewhere in which it is best to exhaust it.

The industry has been using Energy Recovery Ventilators that get the job done, while filtering air and exchanging temperature and humidity that doesn’t affect the comfort inside. Contact SumZero Energy today for proper sizing and installation!

Other areas of ventilation are kitchens and bathroom fans, using the same basic physics rule. If you are thinking about getting a new range stove and choose to install exhaust fans, it is important to be aware of the CFM reading and make an effort to replace the fan when needed. This rule should not be overlooked, and it could cause a lot of issues if it is neglected. Contact us to inquire about replacing your exhaust fan today!

Filtration specifically aids in capturing any harmful bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and allergens in your home. Volatile Organic Compounds found in household products such as bleach, soap detergents, air-fresheners, and perfumes. Winter-season illnesses and allergens all stay trapped inside your home unless you have the proper ventilation and filtration systems.