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Improving Health and Safety

Energy Audit

Finding Energy Inefficiencies and Safety Hazards

The home improvement energy experts at SumZero use an array of science-driven testing tools to discover a variety of issues within a building’s HVAC systems and insulation. The overall goal of an energy audit can be summed up in two groups — to improve the health and safety within a building, and to discover energy inefficiencies.

An air tightness test will give us insight on how much air is leaking in and out of the building. Once those tests have been performed, our expert team will seal the exterior of the home or building to prevent air pollutants from penetrating the exterior and, in return, affecting the indoor air quality. To find out how air sealing, spray foam insulation, and proper ventilation can prevent outdoor pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, and viruses from entering your home. When these pollutants get inside, they can cause a number of health issues.

Most carbon monoxide detectors have an activation threshold of 70ppm (parts per million). This means that if there happens to be any traces of carbon monoxide below 70ppm in the air, there’s potential for being exposed to a notable amount of carbon monoxide and may even experienced carbon monoxide poisoning without knowing it. As most know, carbon monoxide is not something that you want to mess around with. Being exposed to large traces of it can lead to a variety of symptoms — from weakness and dizziness to blurred vision and loss of consciousness. 

Molds contain allergens, irritants, and other potentially toxic substances. Along with mold, bacteria can coexist in damp environments, which can cause inflammatory responses in one’s body. While we are not necessarily performing remediation, we are performing tests to discover dampness and mold within the building so that we can prevent any further issues caused from either one. Basements and attics are particularly susceptible to dampness and mold. Before you make the decision to turn a basement or attic into a living space, you should contact the experts at SumZero!

Energy Inefficiencies 
To find energy inefficiencies in a home or building, our experts will use the blower door and duct test to evaluate ductwork tightness during air distribution and search for areas where energy efficiency could be improved. Normal recommendations that we make if inefficiencies are found are cleaning ductwork and air sealing which will help improve airflow throughout the ducts.

Next, we will perform building envelope tightness tests in search for energy improvements. We will test for pressure movement, uneven temperatures, and air leakage to the outside. If inefficiencies are found during these tests, normal recommendations for improvements include attic insulation, attic air sealing with spray foam, HVAC system upgrades, or a number of other energy saving upgrades.

Improving Your Home’s Efficiency For Rebates
All of the auditors at SumZero are BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified so that you can be confident that we are using the best methods available to discover all the areas that could use improvements in your home or building. Once we have found all of the inefficiencies, we will then help you find any rebates that you are eligible for. Taking advantage of rebates is one of the biggest reasons to have your home or building tested for inefficiencies and to follow through with any improvements that are needed.

At SumZero, we have processed hundreds of utility rebates for our customers over the years. You can be sure that our experts will get you every available rebate on the market. Rebates are based on the overall utility and fuel you are saving. This means the tighter we make your home and the more efficient heating system we install, the more rebates you will be eligible for. 

For Example: A 35 percent or greater reduction in air infiltration earns the highest rebate, while a 10-20 percent reduction earns a lower rebate. In the end, the larger the area that we upgrade, the more money you will get back. 


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